Welcome to Lightcast Photography.

I grew up with a camera. Honestly. When I was too young to hold one in my hands, my father would have one in my face, taking pictures and recording video of all the things we were doing. When the family would go on trips together, my father would always be taking beautiful pictures of the scenery and family.

Then, I was old enough to have my own. I remember it was a Canon Elph, a small point and shoot but, to me, it was the best thing in the world. 

I took pictures of everything. Everything. I had it with me all of the time. It became a part of me. The observation part of my brain changed to always be looking for the best picture... And that is where it all began.


Throughout the years, I have gone through many different cameras. Each time, learning a little more than I had with the last. I began traveling and photographing professionally and never looked back. 

I was lucky enough to make great friends who shared similar passions. I spent years being mentored by some of the best photographers in the world and have fine tuned my craft ever since. Over the hundreds of thousands of photographs I have shot, I have always worked towards perfecting the style that I am most passionate about. With people, that is a style that is greatly focused on genuine emotion and candid feelings. Those are always the photographs that allow you to perfectly remember how you felt during a moment and, when you can do that, you can relive it for the rest of your life.

Since falling in love with weddings, I have given my heart to it every single day. I have been published by National Geographic, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Apple Brides, Aisle Society and more. I have never received anything lower than a 5-star rating for any wedding I have ever done.

Now, I bring those skills to a personal level. Where I still make it my life's passion to capture the most beautiful images possible and use that gift to make other people smile.

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of those important memories.I am truly proud to bring a lifetime of learning and passion to your perfect day.

Thank you,

Adam Schluter