Welcome to Lightcast Photography.

These days, pressing a button to take a picture is the easiest part of taking a photograph. That’s not why you hire me to photograph your special moments.

You hire me because of everything that happens before I press that button to take that picture.

There is a huge difference between someone that does this as just a way to make a money - and someone that does photography because it is their absolute passion in life. When it is just a way to make money, you don’t have a desire to get to know the people as intimately. You don’t really have a desire to enjoy conversation with them and find the ways that make them smile, that make them laugh and, most importantly, that make them comfortable enough to lower their walls. But, when you can do that, you take photographs that completely capture them, who they are and remember exactly how they felt in that given moment.

That is why, when you look at my portfolio, you don’t see staged pictures. You don’t see poses. These are awfully uncomfortable and force people to think about everything they’re doing. When I tell you ‘Smile!’ you instantly have to force a smile on your face that is not genuine at all. You can always tell this in the final pictures.

But, when I am able to make you laugh. To make you smile. To get you to just be in the moment. And most importantly, to completely forget that a picture is even being taken… Then you are just 100% yourself, with your fiance, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife or family. And when you are 100% yourself - the final pictures are perfectly you. And perfectly genuine.

That is why I do this for a living. And that is what sets me apart by miles from the people that just do this to make money. From the first second you meet me, you will have no doubt how genuinely I care about getting pictures of a lifetime for you and your family. And you’ll know that I genuinely want to get to know you all, to allow you to be as comfortable as possible and just be in the moment. The moments make themselves from there. The emotion flows freely. The laughter comes in the small moments in between. And tears come freely because you are vividly reminded how much you love the person that you are marrying, or the family you are sharing those special moments with. There is not a second that is uncomfortable or forced.


Over the hundreds of thousands of photographs I have shot, I have always worked towards perfecting the style that I am most passionate about. With people, that is a style that is greatly focused on genuine emotion and candid feelings. Those are always the photographs that allow you to perfectly remember how you felt during a moment and, when you can do that, you can relive it for the rest of your life.

Since falling in love with weddings, I have given my heart to it every single day. I have been published by National Geographic, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Apple Brides, Aisle Society and more. I have never received anything lower than a 5-star rating for any wedding I have ever done.

And now, I bring those skills to a personal level. Where I make it my life's passion to capture the most beautiful images possible and use that gift to make other people smile for a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of those important memories. I am truly proud to bring a lifetime of learning and passion to your perfect day.

Thank you,

Adam Schluter