A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding in California.

Photographing true love is beautiful in itself. But being able to photograph a wedding in sunny California, with people that are absolute best friends, is as good as it gets. 

This week, I headed back to the perfect San Francisco area to capture some beautiful moments: Complete with a horse-drawn carriage, lots of sunlight and lots of love!


A proud mom and her final moments with her son before the big ceremony!

A father's last moments with his daughter before marriage.

One of my favorite wedding photographs I have ever captured.

What a wonderful day! Here's to many years of laughter and love to you both. Thank you for letting Lightcast Photography capture the perfect day.

A beautiful family portrait shoot in the park.

There's one thing I can say about doing photography in Coeur D' Alene. Every park is beautiful and has a stunning backdrop. And not just Coeur D' Alene but Spokane and every direction around it. We live in a beautiful place and it makes it rewarding to capture beautiful photographs time.



Perfect Summer family portraits with a very special family.

Being a part of summer portraits with such a happy family is just the best part of my life. To see a family so close and connected and be able to capture that love is such a genuinely beautiful part of my life. 


Now, I am sure you know, but it's really hard to get photographs of two and three year olds. 

It's almost impossible to get them to sit still and even more impossible to get them to look at the camera and smile. That's what always make them the most fun... They are always spontaneous and exciting.


This family is a special one though.

I know the parents and how much they love their children and it really shows in how willing the kids are at doing what their parents ask. All it took for a good portrait was a well-timed noise and a dad joke. 


This is our third year in a row and we hope to do one every year for ten years straight to capture their kids growing up. I truly can't wait to see that book printed in it at the end.