-The only photographer around that offers an option for 7-day turnaround time on your photographs-


The Gold Package: $1975

The Intro Package includes a beautiful engagement photography session. This is important, not only because we will get beautiful photographs for you to cherish forever, but also because it is a time for me to really get to know you both. The couples I photograph are not just customers to me; they are people who have given me the honor to capture the beauty of their special day and this is a perfect time for you both to get comfortable with me and getting your photographs taken. 

Then, we go to the big day! After years of wedding photography and hundreds of thousands of photographs, I simply do not miss a single moment of your beautiful day. With the Intro Package, I show up the second you are ready to start your day. This means beautiful candid photographs of you and your bridesmaids finishing their hair, putting their jewelry on and lots of laughter (and maybe champagne!). This means I capture all of the beautiful emotion as you prepare to walk down the aisle, a day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl.  But that's only one side of the group. I also capture the men getting ready, the smiles and camaraderie between the groom and his best men. The emotion in the moment as he prepares to marry his best friend, his partner in life.

Then I am with you for six hours, through every step of your wedding, in between and at your reception. Capturing hundreds of photographs for you in every moment, both posed and all those perfect candid moments in between... The pictures that make you smile every day you look at them, for the rest of your life. The pictures you have always dreamed of.

100% guaranteed. 

The photographs are delivered to you on a USB flash drive, catered specifically to you, with all of the photography in full resolution. These are your photographs to keep. For the rest of your life.

When you see all of your photographs, you can let me know any prints you would like and I will have it delivered to your doorstep in less than a week! 

The specs:

6 hours on day of coverage

1 photographer (Adam Schluter)

Edited images with rights 

45 minute Engagement Session

USB drive with high resolution edited images

(Add $550 for 7-day turnaround time on photographs)


The Platinum Package: $2995

This day is all about you both. You deserve it. You deserve someone who is there through every second, both on the big day and before it.

That's why this package includes a 60-minute hour engagement session and ALL DAY coverage on your wedding day. But, this day is too perfect to miss a second of. That's why this package also includes a second shooter, to be with you every moment of the day, making sure we are capturing every moment that is indescribably beautiful and natural. Capturing the sparkle in your eye as you see yourself with your dress on. Capturing the bridesmaids as they get their hair done. Capturing the moments of reflection and sisterhood that comes in such a powerful moment.

And, while she is with you, I am with the groom and his group capturing the behind-the-scenes moments. The quiet moments of reflection and thought, as he prepares to marry his best friend. The beautiful, unique moments that are so special to the both of you. 

I am with you from the start and I do not go home until you're ready to go home. And the second shooter is there with us most of the day, capturing gorgeous supplemental shots during every beautiful minute. That way, we do not miss a single special moment on your big day.

But, we also want to say thank you for choosing Lightcast Photography. We know there are other options out there and we want to really show you how much we appreciate you. That's why we will include our wedding print package, complete with four 8x10's and ten 5x7's of your favorite four images. All professionally printed and delivered to your doorstep. This will be the photographs that sit on your mantle for as long as you live, lasting even generations past your love.

100% guaranteed. 

The specs:

ALL day Coverage on Wedding Day

1 lead photographer (Adam Schluter) + a secondary photographer!

1-hour Engagement Session 

Edited Images With All Permissions

USB drive with High Resolution Edited Images 

Four 8x10's and Ten 5x7's Professional Printed and Delivered

(Add $800 for 7-day turnaround time on photographs)


The Diamond Package: $3850

There is simply not a better wedding package available out there. 

Let's face it. Weddings are a lot of planning and a lot of work. So, let us help you take a bit off of your plate. This package includes a 90-minute engagement photography session, with your perfect photographs of your true love for one another. Unlimited locations and unlimited outfit changes (as much as we can fit into that time-frame).

But let's really make sure this is the perfect package.

How about ALL DAY coverage on your special day? This means that we show up as early as you want and leave the reception only when you have danced your heart out and are heading back to fall asleep for the night. We do not miss a single second in-between.

 You get me and a second photographer. And we are really confident you are going to have so many photographs that you will cherish from the day... So we want to give you a way to bring them home with you. This package includes our dream wedding printing package: Ten 8x10's, twenty 5x7's and, best of all, a fully designed, professional wedding album for you to keep forever.

This is over $1,200 in printing, included as a genuine thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day. Fully-prepared and delivered to your doorstep.

So why not book this package, pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up... Knowing that every single part of photographing your wedding day will be in the hands of award-winning, professional photographers and graphic designers. You deserve it.

100% guaranteed.

The specs:

ALL day Coverage on Wedding Day

90-minute Engagement Session

1 lead photographer (Adam Schluter) + a secondary photographer! 

Edited images with all permissions 

USB drive with high resolution edited images 

Dream Printing Package - Ten 8x10's and Twenty 5x7's Professional Printed and Delivered

Fully designed, Professional Wedding Album

(Add $1k for 7-day turnaround time on photographs)



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