At Lightcast Photography, we take a great deal of pride in capturing the perfect images for your senior pictures. We've been there. We know how it is!

Below is a pricing guide to pick from. Take a moment and pick the perfect package for you, allowing both of us more than enough time to take as many beautiful pictures as possible.

Pick your photoshoot package, browse our printing options, and book early to avoid not having an available date. 



Lightcast Senior Photo Sessions

Evergreen Package:

A sweet and simple shoot to capture the essential you.
• One Location
• One to Two Outfit Choices
• Duration: 45 Minutes

Cascades Package:

Perfect to show you in a different light.
• One Location
• Two to Three Outfit Choices
• Duration: One hour
• Includes (2) 5x7 Prints or 8 Wallets of Your Favorite Photograph

Pacific Package:

You're multi-faceted and unique - capture who you are.
• Two Locations
• Up to Four Outfit Choices
• Duration: 90 minutes
• Includes (2) 5x7 + (8) Wallet Prints of Your Favorite Photograph

 Guaranteed 50+ Beautiful, Fully Edited Photographs

Jasper Package:

Hands down: This is our best deal.
We spend time capturing every element of who you are. From your game face to your core personality,
and everything in between, we spend four solid hours focusing on shooting dozens of beautiful,
professional images to show the world you're ready for your next big adventure.
*Includes Complimentary Printing Package*
• Unlimited Locations
• Unlimited Outfit Changes
• Duration: Three Hours

 Guaranteed 65+ Beautiful, Fully Edited Photographs

Everest Package:

There's a reason we call this the Everest.
An all-day affair, we start downtown Coeur d'Alene after you step out of the Coeur d'Alene Salon and Spa. We'll match you with an expert stylist to give you the perfect camera ready look, and offer additional options for makeup and nails. Bring your best friend for a day of professional photoshoots and outfit changes while you both make memories that will last for a lifetime. Do you play Football? Are you an all-star Cheerleader? Bring your uniform and gear, along with any other of your favorite mementos, and we'll spend an hour focusing on you and your skill-set.
After we capture unlimited images to choose from, we'll photograph you with your siblings, parents, and grandparents. And don't worry, we won't forget about your pet! This package covers every single element of your life, and you'll have these images to cherish for years and years to come.
*Includes Complimentary Printing Package*
• Unlimited Locations
• Unlimited Outfit Changes
• Bring Your Best Friend
• Salon Styling for You and Your Best Friend
• Sports + Extra-Curricular Photography
• Family + Pet Photos
• Duration: Six Hours (with 45-minute break for lunch on us)
(Plus Additional 30 min Salon Shoot)

Guaranteed 100+ Beautiful, Fully Edited Photographs

Printing Packages:

#1: (2) 4x6, (16) Wallets

#2: (2) 4x6, (2) 5x7, (16) Wallets

#3: (4) 4x6, (4) 5x7, (16) Wallets

#4: (1) 8x10, (4) 4x6, (4) 5x7, (16) Wallets

#5: (2) 8x10, (4) 4x6, (4) 5x7, (32) Wallets

#6: (2) 8x10, (6) 4x6, (6) 5x7, (32) Wallets

#7: (4) 8x10, (6) 4x6, (6) 5x7, (32) Wallets

A La Carte:
(16) Wallets - $75
(32) Wallets: $125
(56) Wallets: $170

(6) 4x6 - $70
(4) 5x7 - $65

(2) 8x10 - $95

(2) 10x15 - $120
(2) 11x14 - $120

(1) 16x24 or 16x20 - $175

Canvas Prints
A unique way to showcase your photos in your home.

Metal Prints:
Highly recommended, metal prints have crisp color, vivid blacks, are water-resistant, and last longer than paper or canvas prints.
Great for kitchen, living, and outdoor areas.



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